Marimas Coco CFD

          On June 8th PT. Marimas Putera Kencana introduce new product Marimas Coco “Natural Freshness “. This product is different from the rest of PT. Marimas Putera Kencana products because this is ready to drink product with more volume then other brand of it’s kind.

          Still in launching event of Marimas Coco, on Sunday, June 14th Marimas Coco greet the society of Semarang on car free day at Pahlawan street with “Buy 1 Get 1”. Marimas Coco is the most suitable drink to accompany you in or after activity, why? Because Marimas Coco made of pure coconut water extract with real sugar and high minerals, all bottled with secured and hygiene aseptic technology from Japan so the taste and quality of Marimas Coco can be kept at highest quality.